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Magnetic Drill

Product Specification

Rated Input Power 1,100 W
Stroke 120 mm
Magnetic Base Size 167mmx84mmx44mm
Max Cutting Depth 50 mm
Max Cutter Capacity 35 mm
Max Motor Height 95mm
Twist Drill Max Dia. 13 mm
Countersunk Drilling 10 – 35 mm
Load Speed 450 rpm
Weight 11 Kg

Product Features

  • Tilted Air Inlets Design – for motor air inlet to prevent liquids or debris from falling inside of the motor.
  • Two-way Sliding Rails – with wear resistant coating which increases its wear resisting properties to more than 2 times. Two way sliding rails, which make the motor stop at any position to prevent rig self decline and cutter damage.
  • Longer Life Gears – internal self lubricating design ensures longer gear life.
  • Automatic Internal Cooling System – External cooling ring design ensures longer gear life.
  • Aeral Lifting Holes and Rope Holes – Overall design guarantee double protection for aerial personnel and equipment.
  • Tilted Body Design – Ensures it overall rigidity and improved drilling accuracy.
  • Magnetic Base Anti-Wear Design – Delays magnet-foot wear thus extend service life; with a maximum adhesion of up to 10,000N ensures safety and reliability during drilling operations.